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Keep In Touch

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  1. Jul 23,  · Levitate, by comparison, focuses more specifically on a toolset designed to help businesses or even individual entrepreneurs keep in touch with clients, prospects and other referral sources.
  2. Also, there is the need to keep in touch with constituents in the home state. Former pupils are known as Old Paulines, and may keep in touch with each other through the Old Pauline Club. Some web sites provide ways for campers to keep in touch after camp through e-mail lists, bulletin boards, and chat rooms.
  3. A Professional Keep In Touch Message. Sometimes, a good “keep in touch” message isn’t just for a close friend or a family member, but it is for the professional aspect of life as well. Here are some great keep in touch messages that you can use in the professional portion of your life: (to a customer) “Thank you for putting your trust.
  4. stay in touch 1. To maintain contact with another person, especially at intervals so as to remain up to date with each other's lives. My old high school friends and I tried staying in touch after we graduated, but we all started drifting apart once college got underway.
  5. Definition of keep in touch: to continue to talk to or write to someone My ex-husband and I still keep in touch. —often + with Have you kept in touch with your college roommate? Learn .
  6. Mar 04,  · “Keep in touch” means, “Contact me from time to time, in short messages, and let me know how the things we discussed are coming along.” Or it could mean, “I’m glad our visit finally is over. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t wish to spend a lot of time with you.” 52 views.
  7. Contexts. To interact with or engage in communication. To discuss or have a conversation with another. Verb.. To interact with or engage in communication. stay in touch .
  8. 15, keep in touch stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See keep in touch stock video clips. of keep in touch concept keep in touch image keep touch keeps hand on chest stay in touch staying in touch keep in touch laptop join our family stay in touch business keep in touch icon.

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